Looking for a yummy way to reduce your meat and dairy footprint? This dish is bursting with spring BBQ flavours.

For the mushrooms

10 large Portobello mushrooms

120ml balsamic vinegar

40ml soy sauce

1 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp smoked paprika

2 garlic cloves

30g BBQ sauce

To serve

20 x 6inch soft tortilla (bidfood)

500g re-fried beans

1 shredded white cabbage

1 red onion

¼ bunch fresh coriander

3 limes

For the chimichurri

75ml olive oil

30ml red wine vinegar

3 limes

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

1 bunch coriander

2 cloves garlic

1 banana shallot

1 red chilli

500g frozen diced avocado

Pinch of sea salt

For the mushrooms

  • Grate the garlic and mix with the BBQ sauce, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, ground cumin and paprika.
  • Remove the stem and marinate the mushrooms for 10 minutes in the liquid.
  • Slice the mushrooms 1cm thick and place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
  • Brush the mushrooms with the reserved marinade and bake at 200c for 15 minutes or until nice and caramelized. Remove from the oven and brush again with the marinade.

For the chimichurri

  • Whisk the olive oil with the red wine vinegar and lime juice.
  • Mince the garlic, shallot, chilli and herbs together then add to the liquid with a pinch of sea salt and toss through the defrosted avocado.

To serve

  • Toast the tortillas on a hot pan or solid top.
  • Warm the re-fried beans and place 1 large tablespoon in the centre of the tortilla and spread.
  • Top with the warm mushrooms and garnish with some finely shredded cabbage and red onion.
  • Top with chimichurri avocado, some coriander leaves and a squeeze of lime.
  • Serve with grilled corn or a suitable side.