Download your copy here: Issue 39: March 2020 Scoop

I wish you a ‘dydd gwyl Dewi Sant hapus’ (happy St David’s Day) for the 1st March, and whilst wearing traditional costume and a daffodil (or leek for the boys) is in my distant school past, the day always makes me smile, as do the wild daffodils in our garden that I planted from the farm where I grew up.

March also brings  with it the change of clocks at the end of the month, which despite losing an hour’s sleep, to me is the signal that summer, my favourite time of year is on its way. Of course there is always a yin and yang in life and the flip side for me is less sleep – I have always struggled sleeping well and wish I could sleep solidly for 5+ hours instead of the 2 hour blocks before I stir. Perhaps I need to think more seriously about resetting my body clock – apparently I just need to take in some bright sunlight (about 40 minutes outside) early in the morning for a few days at the time I want to be awake, and avoid light in the evening, ensuring I’m in a dark environment by bedtime.

Hmmm…I’ll let you know if I’m brave enough to stand in the garden and try this, or perhaps I’ll wait for some warmer weather before giving it a go! In the meantime I hope you enjoy our latest edition of Scoop.

Best regards