Download your copy here: Issue 31 July 2019 Artizian Scoop

There has been a great deal of talk and speculation on allergen labelling over the last few months and I am pleased to see today’s announcement of Natasha’s Law by Michael Gove, which will come into force by the summer of 2021 (

As some of you know, I am severely intolerant to garlic, and whilst it causes me terrible pain and discomfort, I am one of the lucky ones as it isn’t life threatening. That aside, I do find it incredibly frustrating being unable to eat so many things and even greater frustration with chefs who think that garlic has to be a key component in everything they cook, when all it does is disguise the true flavour of the main ingredients. On top of that, the after affects are negatively potent and especially when you are forced to share air space in a meeting or on public transport, quite frankly there is nothing worse!

Anyhow, rant over and back to Natasha’s Law, which as you can see, I absolutely resonate with, because I understand the paranoia of asking and checking whether food contains garlic – as only those who suffer truly understand. So having to list every ingredient on pre-packaged foods will of course be time consuming and administratively challenging, however, a great step forward in creating safer eating for those with food allergens.

I am also happy to report that Artizian who have always prioritised and driven the highest allergen aware standards in its sites, have been piloting a labelling system that meets this criteria and more – we will be discussing this with each site in the coming months. In the meantime, and a little earlier than usual to coincide with Natasha’s Law announcement, I hope you will enjoy reading Artizian’s latest edition of Scoop.

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