Download your copy here: Issue 25 January 2019 Artizian Scoop

I always like to reflect on the last 12 months before I dive into the next year and so looking back at 2018 before I look forward to 2019, I am particularly proud of a couple of personal actions that have surprisingly generated a wider impact than originally intended:

  • Firstly my commitment in 2018 to refrain from buying any clothes for a year  – yes you read correctly! ….and which interestingly, resulted in the creation of a new habit – looking for what was similar in my wardrobe following seeing something that would normally trigger a purchase; and always finding a match. As a result, I successfully and easily managed to achieve my 12 months goal. Looking ahead, I have decided to continue on this particularly journey… but allow myself to purchase something if I truly need it.
  • In January I signed up to eating vegetarian whilst in work for the whole month which unexpectedly led to eating vegan / vegetarian at home 2 to 3 times weekly for the rest of the year as well as unintentionally saving money.

Am I alone in making such changes?…I think unlikely, and you only have to listen to the news coverage of retailers profit warnings, slumps on the high street and even online giants struggling to realise that others’ consumer mindsets are changing too. Christmas gifting in our household this year has moved towards an element of ‘made by me, especially for you’ gifts as well as a focus on ‘me time’ experiences and somehow feels more satisfying. 

Looking forward to 2019 I like the idea proposed by one of our Head Office team players of the creation of a calendar of one small change each month, with the emphasis on less sacrificing and more enjoyable. Every month I am going to add something instead of taking away, beginning with January and more sleep!

So whilst I am enjoying more sleep, I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year and hope you enjoy reading Artizian’s latest edition of Scoop.

Best regards



Note: I am going to be back in the business from my extra sleep on the 14th January 2019!