Testimonial 12

“Catherine’s delivery of ‘the truth about sugar’ was excellent. Catherine made it easy to understand, providing examples that all could relate to. The session was informative and enjoyable. I [...]

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Testimonial 11

“Very interesting to hear the recipe ideas and realise how much sugar we do consume. Bit of a wakeup call about eating habits! Great presenter, nice manner and she kept everyone [...]

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“ I wanted to send you all a massive THANK YOU for your hard work, flexibility, and enthusiasm during Live Well Week (and leading up to it).  Your endeavours ensured that [...]

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“1-1 with nutritionist was extremely useful, particularly as we only had 20 minutes. She gave me some great ideas and I will definitely be putting them into practice” [...]

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“I really enjoyed the group session with Catherine – very informative with practical tips as well” “Good presentation and lots of points to take away” Lunch & Learn: [...]

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