Download your copy here: Issue 28 April 2019 Artizian Scoop

Having just turned the clocks back and moved into British Summer Time (on a separate note, commented by one of our Head Office team -what a rubbish Mother’s Day present, losing an hours treasured sleep?!), the topic of whether this will be the last time is under debate and what difference this will make to varying parts of the UK.

I am undecided to be truthful but whatever the outcome, I do know that I love the approach of summer and whilst not quite there yet, am conscious of how quickly this year is flying by and feeling a need to slow it down somehow. Equally, you will be pleased to hear, I recognise this is considerably beyond my ability and control!

Instead, I am trying to take more notice by looking outside every now and again, so I see more than just the beginning and end of my working days. Surprisingly, I am feeling a little brighter as a result, so am encouraged to continue.

Why not give it a try and in the meantime, I do hope you enjoy reading our latest edition of Scoop.

Best regards