Download your copy here: Issue 27 March 2019 Artizian Scoop

What a week …. frosty mornings, Mediterranean sunshine by mid-day, and  a magnitude-3.7 earthquake near Gatwick Airport. Add to that the political arena and 2019 in the UK is certainly going to be a year we are unlikely to forget!

It places my intended topic for this month firmly in the shadows, although on reflection, because it’s much lighter, I’ll continue to share what has taken me this many years to establish: exactly what dictates when Mother’s Day falls. It’s true, I honestly didn’t realise that it’s always 3 weeks before Easter Sunday, just like I hadn’t registered that Father’s Day is always the 3rd Sunday in June. Now I just need to remember when Easter is, and I’m there…

In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading Scoop… ac i bawb am 1af Mawrth rwy’n dymuno ‘Dydd Gŵyl Ddewi hapus’ (…and for 1st March to everyone I wish a ‘Happy St David’s Day’).

Cofion gorau (Best regards)